is the need?

This is a unique opportunity to invest in the perfect property for the Third Academy.

does it help?

By making space for a broad range of learning styles, students find strength and purpose here.

is the school?

Located in East Calgary, just off of Stony Trail and 16th Avenue: 400 Prince of Peace Way N.E.

and success stoires

What is success? Our students and families define that for themselves.


We are advocates for the exceptional students and families who believe there is more for them out there.

Honouring who we are and who we can become as people.
Encouraging exploration.
Validating people’s strengths.
Awakening feelings of confidence and self-worth.
Giving hope to families who have no other place to turn to.

We’re about breathing room. Empathy and understanding. Inclusive values. Safe spaces . Hope.

People passionate about success.
Engaging activities.
New friendships.
Real world connections.
Personalized learning.
Fun environment to learn in.

What Parents say

Our greatest and bravest advocates, are our parents and our students.

Our family was so lucky to find Third Academy. We toured there after hearing great stories from other parents. We could tell right away that it would be a good fit for our son. Our son had experienced many struggles in the public system, and was feeling defeated. Starting at Third Academy has a breath of fresh air. The small classes are priceless, and any staff we have encountered seem to truly care about the students. We were surprised by the variety of resources available to students. Everyone at the school has been accommodating and understanding, flexible and supportive. They have been incredibly patient and they celebrate every little success my son has had. His teacher is passionate about helping her students, and has been an incredible support to our family. I would highly encourage any family to explore Third Academy for their children.”

Anonymous, Parent of Grade 11 Student
Life Skills/Knowledge & Employability, 2021 – 2022

“When we first moved to Calgary in 2008, we had moved from a province where, as a single parent, struggled with an autism diagnosis and getting the help and support that Robert desperately needed, to be the kid he wanted to be. Back then, I had hopes of mainstreaming to public education would be the answer, and after a few stressful moments, and tears from me during a summer internship, a respite provider we had at the time, mentioned her son attended Third Academy. Not thinking anything would come of it, I check them out and I signed Robert up for Grade 1. The first few months of school, through struggles and meltdowns in the classroom, the help he needed became a team effort — the school became family to him. Over the years, like other kids in his classroom, he made a mark in the teacher’s lives, as much as they did him. Over the years they have guided him like family onto the next stages in life — and that next stage, next year, he will be graduating from The Third Academy.”

Melissa (Mel) Victor, Parent of Grade 11 Student
2021 – 2022

I have been blessed with the amazing opportunity for my autistic son, to find a safe and welcoming learning space, exceptional social-connection center, and highly professional and compassionate world-class class teachers, instructors, administrative and support staff. It is truly a joy to have Josh at Third Academy.”

Chris Musah, Parent of Grade 10 Student
Life Skills/Knowledge & Employability, 2021 – 2022

Our awesome team

It is the combined efforts, passion, and commitment to students that makes Third Academy a sought after school for children with special education needs.

Sunil Mattu

Head of Schools

As a lifelong learner himself, Sunil understands the dynamics and intricacies of education and works tirelessly to ensure all stakeholders, families, and students receive the best programs and opportunities possible. 

Dr. S. Lal Mattu

Founder, Ambassador at Large

Dr. S. Lal Mattu, currently carries the title of the Ambassador at Large. As the founder of Third Schools, he is no doubt in the best position to promote our schools among the community.

Christos Kazyas

Principal, Junior-Senior High

This is my second year in educational leadership and my eleventh year teaching at Third Academy. I have 15 years of teaching experience across two provinces, one territory, and two countries.

Rehana Mattu

Principal, Elementary

Third Academy is truly a large part of Rehana Mattu’s life as she started working at the school in 1997. She has always loved working with children and graduate with a Bachelor of Education degree in 1996.

Give the gift of success

Give a child with learning challenges a 95% chance of success.
Please consider a meaningful gift today. This is an investment potential…like no other.