We have an opportunity to purchase our new home. Its move-in ready and would be a remarkable change for our Third Academy students, families, faculty and support staff. Third Academy’s mission is to provide the best possible education by creating a positive, safe and caring, success-oriented learning environment, and by developing significant relationships with our students and families.

With the purchase of the new school we can continue to adapt to the unique and ever-changing needs of our students: providing them with larger classrooms, additional therapy and resource rooms, access to a gymnasium, library — and for our little learners; access to outdoor spaces and a playground. The possibilities are not only endless, but finally achievable thanks to the support of donors like you.

At Third Academy we welcome everyone
including students with:

Mislabeled issues

Complex learning challenges

Emotional and behavioural issues

Environmental triggers and reactive behaviours

Behavioural patterns cause by abuse

Low self-esteem

Conditions like Anxiety, Depression, ADHD, Autism, FAE/FASD, Mood Disorders, OCD, and more