The numbers make so much sense.

The perfect school property for THIRD ACADEMY is available now for purchase.

With your help, 65% more students could be happy,
learning and thriving — we could: 

• increase enrollment from 148 students to 245
• expand programs
• create more experiential learning and personalized programs
• have access to labs, break out rooms, a library, a gymnasium, a kitchen, a playground, and more


It’s a win-win-win.

Donors win

Value-added impact of your gift with transformational outcomes for up to 65% more students receiving help.

Create a legacy for generations by investing in children’s human potential.

Sustainable impact with government funding support and sliding fee schedule that makes tuition affordable for every family.

Credible, proven, fiscally responsible organization with a 95% student success rate.

school wins

An industry standard school is available and move-in ready.

Sale price = well below replacement value.

More than triple the space (46,000 sq.ft) of the current school.

Nine acres of land makes nature-inspired learning, sport fields and room for expansion possible.

Ability to take on more students with diverse learning needs.